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Oops Backup Coupon 20% Discount Code

Backup & automatic versioning of docs, images and other files allows you to preview & restore versions of your files from different points in time.  Mistakes such as saving over another file, deleting a complete document etc. are a thing of the past.
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Oops!Backup Coupon Code 20% Discount

BackInTime: A time machine for Windows

Backup and automatic versioning of docs, images & other files which automatically tracks changes to files. Oops!Backup not only backs up & recovers most recent versions of a file but also allows you to go back in time and restore older versions of your work. Ideal for MS office users, designers, developers, students etc. Perfect for viewing or rolling back work, or overcoming mistakes such as accidentally deleting a document or saving over a file.

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Oops!Backup Review

BackInTime: A time machine for Windows

technology is unique to Oops!Backup. It enables you to travel back in time to find and recover changes made to your documents, photos and any other files at any point in time.

Silent File Versioning Near-CDP (Continuous Data Protection)

Oops!Backup™ works silently in the background tracking the changes you make to MS Office documents, photos and other files. When changes are detected it automatically backs them up and versions them for you. You can then access your old versions whenever you want using the easy to use BackInTime™ browser.

Backup to your network or NAS drive

If you have a network drive or a NAS then you can configure Oops!Backup to backup directly to it by mapping the network location to your computer.

Browse your backed up files directly from Windows Explorer

With Oops!Backup you can access and restore your latest backed up versions of your files using MS Windows Explorer. This means that if you plug your backup drive into a PC where Oops!Backup is not installed you can still access and restore your backed up files.

ReverseDelta™ to Save Space

Using its ReverseDelta™ incremental technology, Oops!Backup will only back up the actual changes you make to a file - without needing to back up the whole file again every time you make a change. What distinguishes this technology from other products is that our innovative ReverseDelta ensures that the latest version of a file is always available in its entirety and not as a delta file.

Integration with Microsoft Volume Shadow (VSS) Copy

Oops!Backup integrates with Microsoft Volume Shadow (VSS) technology. This integration allows Oops!Backup to automatically back up files that are currently open and in use.

Plug & Protect - A Bonus for People on the Move

It is not common for people to have their external hard drive connected all the time, especially laptop users. The Plug & Protect feature in Oops!Backup detects when you connect the external drive to your computer and automatically backs up your files to your external drive without your needing to take any action.
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Supported OS:
Windows 7 - 32 Bit
Windows 7 - 64 Bit
Windows Vista - 32 Bit
Windows Vista - 64 Bit
Windows XP - 32 bit
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