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Reason to use Data Backup and Restore Software

Backup is the process of creating copies of data on storage media (internal and external hard disk, flash drive, ftp, CD/DVD discs etc.), intended to restore data to its original location in case of damage or destruction using special backup and restore programs. Imagine that your system or even worse your hard drive crashes and you lose everything: photos, video, mail and critical data which you collected for years. Using backup soft you will be able to restore system with all data and applications to its previous state from the image or restore it to a brand new hard disk in case your drive crashes.
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Backup and Restore
Data Recovery

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Why backup software?

Backing up is necessary for a fast and inexpensive recovery of information (documents, programs, settings, etc.) in case you lose the working copy information for whatever reason.

Types of the backup:

- Full Backup
Full backup usually affects your entire system and all files. Weekly, monthly, quarterly means full backup backup. The first weekly backup must be full, usually performed on Fridays or during the weekend, during which all the desired files are copied. Subsequent backup performed from Monday through Thursday until the next full backup can be incremental or differential, mainly in order to save time and space on the storage media. Full backup should be performed at least weekly. 

- Differential Backup
In the differential backup every file that has been modified since the last full backup is copied each time. Differential backup speeds up the recovery process. All you need is the last full and the last differential backup. The popularity of the differential backup grows, as any copies are made at a certain time, for example, that it is very important during infection with viruses.

- Incremental Backup
When an incremental backup is used only those files that have changed since the last full or incremental backups are added. Subsequent incremental backup adds only files that have changed since the last incremental backup. On average, incremental backup takes less time because fewer files are copied. However, the data recovery process takes longer because the last full backup plus all subsequent incremental backups are used. In this case, unlike the differential backup, the changed or new files do not replace the old ones, they are added to the media separately.

- File Backup
File-based backup system requests each individual file and writes it to the media. You should always use the proposed option of verification. During verification process all data copied from the disk is re-checked from the source or compared byte by byte with data on the storage media. Because of the fragmented files on the disk, due to the greater number of operations performed, slow down the backup, performance can usually be increased by producing a regular disk defragmentation. When you defragment a hard drive the data blocks are arranged in order, one after another so that they will be available in cache read-ahead.
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