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NordVPN vs Competitors & Discount Coupons F.A.Q.

NordVPN features comparison table with competitors

Is NordVPN the most popular VPN service?

Yes, and this is not just my words as it’s very easy to prove it if you check Google trends graph. So, among several competitors I have selected, namely ExpressVPN, SurfShark, IPVanish and CyberGhost, NordVPN is far ahead of all of them.

NordVPN competitors analysis trends

Analyzing the above comparison graph it’s worth mentioning the gaining popularity of SurfShark VPN (yellow line) which managed to beat CyberGhost and IPvanish in 2020 and overtook ExpressVPN in search queries in 2022. Though NordVPN is more than twice popular than its nearest competitor – SurfShark VPN in 2024, who knows what will happen in upcoming years.

How to get NordVPN discount for an existing customer?

When your subscription is going to expire you will be asked to pay a normal price for the next subscription period, which will be more expensive. You can still get the cheaper price using the existing account with a small workaround. First of all, log out from the NordVPN account, then select the subscription plan you choose and proceed to the checkout. In this case the additional subscription time will be added to your account with the discounted price as a new member. Alternatively, it’s worth trying to contact the customer support and ask them for a special one-time discount code to renew the license.

How to get the biggest discount for NordVPN?

There several ways you can use to get the cheapest NordVPN price. First of all, I would recommend to check some big review and coupon sites and especially forums. Eg. type in Google “Best NordVPN promo code forum”. The discount codes you may find could be better than on usual coupon/review sites. I also noticed the gaining popularity of Reddit and YouTube, so these are another good sources to search for the discount codes. I have noticed that some famous bloggers with promoted YouTube channels shares really exclusive coupon codes. Also don’t forget about occasional NordVPN deals and special offers especially during such days like Black Friday, Halloween, Back to Schools, Independence Day, New Year, etc.

How to get NordVPN price even cheaper?

NordVPN just like any other internet company in the world offers different discounts in different countries. Eg. in countries like USA, Canada, UK and Australia the price can be relatively the same if we convert it into dollars. But in in more poor countries like India, Mexico, any African countries the price is cheaper when converted into dollars. So, the hint is the following, you may download any free VPN service, connect to one of whose countries, then go to the official website, choose the subscription plan and compare the prices. You will be pleasantly surprised. Sometimes NordVPN offers nice goodies in different countries in the form of cards for Amazon, more discounted price or extra months free.

What are the maximum free months with NordVPN?

Currently the biggest number of free months you can get with NordVPN 1- and 2-year deals are 4 months. And I suppose this is the biggest number of months the company ever offered, so you may of course try to search for more free months but I think it’s useless. By the way some competitors like SurfShark offers 6 months free with the special code.

How to apply NordVPN discount code?

In the shopping cart under the total price you can see a message “Got a coupon?”, click on it and copy/paste the promo code. Keep in mind that if you have searched and tried many coupon codes then your browser cookies will save the latest code and will show you the shopping cart with it. So, don’t forget to delete and paste new code if you are sure it’s better to see another price.

how to apply NordVPN discount code

My promo code doesn’t work, why?

The most common reason is that a promo code has expired or is not valid anymore. Also keep in mind that some discount codes are valid only for the certain subscription plan. Eg. 2 years NordVPN coupon may not work for 1-year subscription plan but it’s not necessary so. If you get the code from a reputable source and it still doesn’t work try to contact their customer service explaining the situation. In any way the company’s representatives may offer you one-time promo code like an alternative. The quickest way would be to use a live chat.

About NordVPN student discount

If you can confirm your studies as a student using StudentBeans site then you are eligible for an extra student discount. The special offer covers only 2 years subscription plan with 74% off + 3 months free. As a bonus you also get Uber Eats vouchers for $10 (if you purchase NordVPN Standard plan), $20 (for NordVPN Plus plan), $30 (covers NordVPN Complete and Ultimate plan).

What is the best discount for NordVPN Ultra?

The best price you can get for NordVPN Ultra with our exclusive voucher code is 76% discount + 3 months free. You can also use 4 months free code but the price will be higher.

What is the difference between NordVPN Complete and Ultra plan?

NordVPN different plans comparison

The only difference between these plans is the lack of Incogni service in Complete plan. If you want an extra layer of security and privacy you should look at Ultra plan. Incogni service prevents scammers from using your personal data, and sends automatic requests to data brokers to remove your personal data.

What are the official NordVPN coupons and deals?

I have found out that the company has its own page dedicated to the deals and discount codes, here it is But to tell the truth the discounted price at this page is not so good as using an exclusive promo codes from other sources. The only advantage I have found is that the official NordVPN discount page offers 3 months and 20 months plans which cannot be found anywhere else.

Is NordVPN 1 year for $36 available?

Yes, you can use a special promo link and take advantage of the exclusive 1-year deal for $36. There are no special instructions or a promo code here just click on “Use Deal” button next to the offer. The discounted price should appear in your shopping cart.

What are the payment methods?

You can pay not only with the standard Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, UnionPay, Google Pay but also with BLIK service and cryptocurrencies. You should keep in mind that if you make the purchase with the BLIK your subscription won’t be renewed automatically. As for the cryptocurrencies this is just a great way to pay anonymously.

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