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Parallels Desktop 13 for MAC Features

Immersive Gaming and Graphics

Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac delivers an immersive environment for gaming, music, movies, and more with support for Surround Sound 5.1 and superior 3D graphics rendering speeds.

Simple, Smart, Seamless

Setting up and using your virtual machine is easier than ever, whether you are a hard-core Mac enthusiast, a multi-platform pro or are moving to a Mac for the first time.

Manageability and Mobility

Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac includes all-new features for protecting your Mac, your virtual machine, your data and your family - wherever you roam.

Enhanced Performance

You do not need to be an IT Pro to appreciate the dramatically improved battery life, full 64-bit power and security available in the virtual machines you create with Parallels Desktop for Mac.
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Why upgrade to Parallels Desktop 13 for MAC?
Parallels Desktop 13 for MAC is a virtualization solution that allows you to create virtual machines on Macintosh computers with Intel processors (1.66 GHz and faster). You can install a Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, or any other supported guest operating system in each of your virtual machines, and work with them and their applications side by side with your Mac OS X applications.

To upgrade Parallels Desktop 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11,12 to version 13 you will need to purchase an upgrade from the Parallels Online Store ( The upgrade activation key will be sent immediately to the e-mail address you provided.

You can upgrade Parallels Desktop 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10,11,12 to any language version of Parallels Desktop 13. This means, if you have an English version of Parallels Desktop 8 and want to upgrade it to a German version of Parallels Desktop 12, you can simply purchase the German upgrade, install it on your Mac, and activate it with the upgrade activation key.
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What's new in Parallels Desktop 13 for MAC

- Improved overall performance.
- Reduced CPU usage and improved battery life.
- 64-bit virtual machine process for improved performance of virtual machines, especially of those with more than 1 GB of memory.
- Improved 3D performance - up to 41% faster than in Parallels Desktop 9.
- 35% faster virtual machines with the new SATA disks support.
- Shared Folders perform two times faster.
- Faster Windows startup and shutdown.
- Reduced time for resuming paused and suspended virtual machines on Macs with powerful configurations.
- Extended support for new Macs with Intel i5 and i7 CPUs: fast virtual machine encryption and support for Intel AES-NI.
- Better performance of Linux in virtual machines.
- Faster Parallels Tools installation.

Virtual Devices
- Support for IPv6, the next-generation version of the Internet Protocol, in shared, bridged and host-only networking.
- Support for the Intel Pro/1000 (e1000) network interface for faster network performance and compatibility.
- Virtual SATA HDD interface support for newly created virtual machines.
- Virtual USB mouse for smooth transition between Mac and the virtual machine even when Parallels Tools are not installed.
- Virtual USB keyboard support for faster input and navigation operations.
- Improved handling of shortcuts and other keyboard operations.
- Better handling of keyboard indicator lights when working in Mac OS and the virtual machine.

- Dual antivirus protection included: complimentary antivirus software subscription in now available for both Windows and Mac.
- AES encryption support for virtual machines for better security of your data.
- Mac OS Parental Controls are automatically applied to the virtual machine for managing children computer usage. Any restrictions set for the Mac OS will be also enforced in the virtual machine as well.

New Guest Operating Systems
- Ubuntu 10.4
- Fedora 13
- Open SUSE 11.3
- Windows Server 2008 R2 Core
- Windows Server 2008 Core

- 80% faster 3D graphics in the Coherence, Full Screen, and Window modes.
- Enhanced DirectX 9 support for better gaming experience.
- Support for OpenGL extensions available in Mac OS X v10.6.4 Snow Leopard.
- Support for Xorg 1.8 in Linux virtual machines, including Fedora 13 and Open SUSE 11.3.
- Fixed OpenGL support in Ubuntu 10.04 virtual machines.

- Immerse yourself in games, movies, and music with surround sound 5.1 support for Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista: use any external surround sound 5.1 USB or FireWire devices simultaneously in your Mac and the virtual machine.

Enhanced Appearance
- Improved user interface with a new look and feel.
- Simplified Preferences dialog now fully conforms to the Mac OS style; no OK or Cancel buttons and all changes are applied on the fly.
- Simplified Virtual machine configuration dialog has been redesigned according to the Mac OS Preferences style.
- New, easier to use Virtual Machine assistant.
- Redesigned USB connection dialog makes connecting USB devices simpler than ever.
- Improved animation when switching between the Coherence, Full Screen, and Window modes.
- Refined user interface with Quartz animation disabled.
- Enhanced Activation and Registration dialogs.

Enhanced Logic
- Boot Camp virtual machines can now be freely suspended and then safely resumed.
- TimeMachine backups can now be synced with SmartGuard snapshots, to reduce the space required for backups.
- Import of third-party virtual machines has been integrated into the main application: now it is available through the File > Open menu.
- Parallels Image Tool has been integrated into the main application; now all its functions are available in the Virtual Machine Configuration dialog.
- Parallels Transporter is now accessible through the "Import Virtual Machines" option on the Welcome Screen or the File > Import menu.
- Open your Windows applications without seeing Parallels Desktop interface elements even when your virtual machine is powered off.
- Shut down Windows and its applications in Coherence without seeing Parallels Desktop interface elements.
- Support Code is automatically generated when your product is registered to make is easier to access Parallels Support.
- Keyboard shortcut (F6 or Fn + F6) for hiding/showing Parallels Desktop and all its windows.
- Improved support for Boot Camp partitions using multiple disks.
- Automatic SmartGuard snapshots taken after a timeout if the user does not respond to the prompts.
- Improved Active Screen Corners in Full Screen mode.
- Scaled virtual machine screen when a window is resized (if Parallels Tools are not installed or inactive).
- Windows applications can be set as the default applications for handling CDs and DVDs inserted into the Mac.
- The Num Lock key was added to the Send Keys menu.

Enhanced Windows Applications Handling
- Windows Applications folders in the Dock now contain My computer, Control Panel and other useful shortcuts that are usually present in the Windows Start menu.
- Applications icons in the Windows Applications folders are no longer marked with black arrows and will not reappear in the Dock after you remove them manually.
- Spotlight search support for Windows applications.
- Progress for downloads and other operations is now displayed on the Windows 7 applications icons in the Dock.
- Windows 7 Jump Lists are supported for Windows applications in the Dock; view your recent documents by right-clicking the application icon in the Dock.
- Grouping of all "windows" of a single Windows application under the same application icon in the Dock.
- Windows applications icons can be configured to not appear in the Dock using the "Show icons in Dock" option in the virtual machine configuration.

Enhanced Coherence
- Improved graphics performance in Coherence and enhanced compatibility with 3D applications.
- Improved logic of Crystal and Coherence view modes; now Crystal mode is an extension of Coherence.
- Arrow icon in the Mac menu bar for customizing Windows tray icons in Coherence.
- Mac OS shortcuts (Cmd+W, Cmd+Q, Cmd+~, Cmd+M, Cmd+H, Cmd +Alt+H) can be used to manage Windows applications when using Coherence with enabled Crystal mode.
- "Formatted text" and "Shared Clipboard" options can now be disabled via the Virtual Machine Configuration dialog.
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