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NovaBackup Professional vs Acronis True Image

Extremely important files and other data are a pain to lose after an OS crash. Various providers offer different software which can be used to avoid losing vital data. NovaStor and Acronis both released powerful programs to help those with important files that are susceptible to being corrupted or deleted. Such programs can help them recover the lost files later on all thanks to the backup files that are created.


Although NovaStor and Acronis both supposedly provide the same, efficient backup systems to different users, the two organizations still come face-to-face with one another in terms of user preferences for backup software. Thus, it is important to point out each product's key features.

User Interface

Both products boast an easy-to-navigate and simple yet eye-catching user interface. NovaBackup 13 Professional includes a Simple View Screen, which offers not only a simple interface, but as well as an option to schedule backup procedures yourself. It also includes TimeSlider Restore Technology, which gives the user a preview of all their backed up files in one window, regardless of where they backed them up.

The innovations made by Acronis True Image 2013 seemingly pales in comparison. A few interesting graphics were included in the software, making it fun and easy for employees to back their files up while making the task easy and quick to perform. On another note, unlike the NovaBackup 13, the True Image 2013 is compatible with the newest OS release of Microsoft, Windows 8.

Variety of Backup Destinations

Both programs are able to create backup files in different destinations, but each offer at least one destination not being offered by the other. In backing up files, it is important to keep a copy of the backup file both online and offline. Online users can choose to upload them in the many prime destinations using the Fast-Bit technology, something that NovaBackup 13 Professional has to offer to backup files online in the least time possible. On the other hand, True Image 2013 allows you to backup your files on their very own online cloud platform, called Acronis Cloud, and as well as on cellphones, and other mass storage objects. On another note, it also allows for a search feature on your backup files.

Disk and Partition Backup

Both programs offer disk and partition backup, and both offer efficient and speedy processes. The speed is highly dependent on the computer or CPU performance in order to determine, with barely any bias, which product performs better.

Image Creation

NovaBackup 13 Professional allows users to create images of data, making it possible to be restored from the time the image was created. This feature is called Disaster Recovery. A similar feature is offered by Acronis True Image 2013, although it provides more options for backup customization, such as choosing from full, incremental, differential methods, version control options, compression level, encryption, scheduling, etc.


All in all, both products offer double and even triple protection for your important files. However, depending on the nature and volume of work, the force of choice between the two products is imposed on you as a user.
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